Booth B16:

I have been traveling and photographing Europe's most overlooked sites for the past 20 years. I travel two to three times a year, mainly in the fall and winter, when the natural elements enhance subject matter and are visually at their peak.  My portfolio includes cemeteries and architecture from such classic destinations as Paris, Rome and Prague to more obscure subjects such as art nouveau in Latvia, churches in Russia, castles in Romania, and ruins in Ireland to name a few. 

 My work can be seen across the U.S. at galleries, retail shops and art festivals where I have won numerous awards over the past 16 years. My goal with every photograph is to express a unique sense of time, place and composition by combining graceful works of art with their often animated environment. I hope my work will encourage the viewer to think, savor history and to admire sometimes forgotten works of art both man-made and natural.

Tech info:

I display only single frame photographs and do not use any stitching or composite techniques. I do all my own printing using an Epson PRO 3800. and use Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 for editing. Nikon digital and film cameras.  Hoya infrared, ND and polarizing filters.