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Soul Healing Jewelry

Mariana Rombado was born in Argentina and is now a proud American Citizen. She has a Degree in Social Communications. She has traveled the world and now resides in Houston, Texas. Ever since she was a little girl, Mariana has had a passion for all types of stones--from river stones to precious stones. She turned her hobby of crafting various jewelry pieces for herself, family and friends into her new business, called Soul Healing Jewelry. Now she is on a deeply spiritual journey with crystal healing. She wants to share her passion with others by bringing joy, delight and healing to the wearers of each of her unique creations. You can choose from beautiful, handcrafted necklaces and bracelets, as well as other beautiful pieces such as brooches, rings, hair accessories, keychains and original wine bottle charms that make great gifts. She recently added to her collection, amulets for love, wealth, health and good luck. Mariana’s style combines the use of materials, such as metals, woods, crystals, and pearls with wonderful semiprecious stones, which carry extraordinarily good energies to aid in diverse soul healing processes. Mariana is humble in her approach. She says that she is always learning and discovering new ways to improve in order to help others. You may reach Mariana at