The following readers will be located in the Yellow Rose Room #5. Entrance to the room is included in your General Admission ticket, However, the readers reserve the right to charge a fee for their services.

Reader Room Table 1:

Centerpoint started it all 34 years ago in Houston, founded by Douglas and Jenny Grier. We continue the legacy with weekly Sunday expos offering the best holistic healers and inuitives in town, evening and weekend classes in all metaphysical subjects, and a team of in-house healing practitioners and psychics.  Come feel the uplifting energy at our 2727 Fondren Road location.


Grendl, owner and facilitator of Centerpoint Every Sunday Psychic Fair and Holistic Expo, and liaison for everything-that-is-Metaphysical-Matrix also happens to be an outstanding Tarot reader with over 30 years of experience,She is also as a certified Reiki practitioner, an ordained minister, spiritual advisory, shamanic practitioner, and creates teas, tinctures and practical herbcraft product brand called  Dandelion Apothecary. 


Grendl's Tarot Parlor

Reader Room Table #2:

Mirror Cards

Nobody knows the origin of the Tarot or of the ordinary playing card deck. David has worked with Tarot Card reading off and on for years before settling on the ordinary deck of cards. Each person seeks specific personal meaning from the cards:





The cards reveal the path to one's preference. The cards work best for those that can be honest with themselves. Tell the reader what you know, what you don't know, and what you want. The cards can fill in the cracks. The cards may even show the way forward.


Please find out more about David Trieff and card reading at:

Mirror Cards

Reader Room Table 3:

Kawme Freedom Path



Our program will help to encourage, empower, motivate and stimulate the mind, body, and spirit of our youth of today.


Offer Services in: Holy Fire Reiki, Intuitive Reiki Body Scans, Laughter Yoga Workshops, Violet Flame Chi Kung, Fast Tai Chi, I Ching readings and so much more!!



For class information: Tai-Chi, Chi-kung, Meditation, Reiki, and other modalities please message me! 


Kawme Freedom Path

Reader Room Table 4:

Divine Pranic Chi Healer.


The Five Elements of Life (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Heaven) are applied through Chi practice to clear and balance Chakra systems, as well as, straighten out auric field strands. This healing experience provides an energetic clearing, releases unwanted attachments and alleviates pain.

Reader Room Table 5:

Varana Sitaron

Coming from a lineage of West Indian female psychics, I discovered my spiritual and intuitive ability throughout my childhood and with continued encounters I have developed my divinely inspired gift.



My guides can answer your questions, provide you with spiritual guidance, and help you discover hidden talents of your own.

Intuitive gifts …



*Psychic  *Spiritual Intuitive  *Empath  *Past Life

 *Tarot and Chakra Reading


Reader Room Table 6:

My name is Cyndi I am a native American Spiritual Advisor and healer. I have a group of guides that I work with when I do readings. I do have have some mediumship abilities. I was born a sensitive and was an indigo child. I have Oracle cards and angel cards, and can answer many types of questions.