Hello, my Name is Katrina Cooper. I am a Spirit interpreter, Spiritual Medium, Animal Intuitive, Tarot Cards, Paranormal Investigator, and the best for the last Mother. 

My first memory of SPIRIT communication was about 3yr old. However, I was told it was just my imagination. So I learned quickly to keep my visits to myself. Then 2014, that's many decades later, I ran across the most CONFIDENT and STRONG SOUL, Steven.
He had passed recently and I happened to be in front of his sister. Without thinking, I now know he had controlled me, I BLURTED OUT HIS MESSAGE. BREAKING MY 40 + years silence.

Now history in the making. I NOW feel it is vital for me to do this. Not only because I know it is my purpose in this lifetime, but MOST OF ALL, because I know how much a reading can change someone's LIFE, how much PEACE it can bring them. 

I have seen my clients' entire outlook on life change after just one session, but even more impressive One Powerful WORD spoken will start the memories flowing, & tears! Confirmation. (ask any of my several 1000's of FOREVER FRIENDS).

I have seen the weight they have been carrying for years leave their shoulders. I have seen tears of sorrow turn to tears of joy at the realization that their loved ones were still very much a part of their daily lives. Being able to connect people with their loved ones again is a very special GIFT that I can't keep to myself.

All my Clients become my FOREVER FRIENDS!  Katrina Cooper Spiritual Medium
Come curious, leave a #FOREVERFRIEND

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My accomplishments so far:

*Remote Viewing Angels 2018, present finding lost children 54 found to date
* Worldwide Delivering messages from Heaven & healing via Skype/Phone
1000s of Readings
*Helped in 3 missing person cases ( 2 found, 1 on-going)
*Three convicted in a hate crime in Alta Vista, Kansas (Descriptions from Dad in Heaven)
*209 Babies Born( still counting) Your loved ones told me.
Everyday updates are reported of messages coming to light!

94.5 The Buzz with Karah Leigh, Houston, Texas: 10/2016, 10/2017, 10/2018
KCOR radio Vegas Supernatural with Shawn Whittington, Las Vegas, Nevada: 07/2016
Paranormal King Radio, ParaVersal with Jennifer Malek: 05/2016 & 02/2017
Paranormal Pride with Denise Pridemore featured Ghost Adventures, Haunted Sallie House: 04/2016
YouTube Paranormal Soup with Jason Bland featured or appeared in Following episodes: 9, 20, 23, 41, 67, 68, and 74 (So far!)
YouTube #3 Worldwide ITC channel by Steven Huff & The Wonder Box 4/2017 (over 17,000 views)
Investigations of Some of the Most Haunted Locations
The Haunted Sallie House in Atchinson,Kansas featured on Destination America and Ghost Adventures: 03/2016 & 10/2016 with Debra and Tony Pickman 4/2017
Pioneer Saloon Nevada Featured on Ghost Adventures 7/2016, 12/2018
The Demon House in Gary, Indiana: 07/2015
Ott Motel in Liberty, Texas: 10/2014, 2015, 2016
Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas: 2015
Miss Molly Texas 4/2017