BAD WOLF EVENTS is excited to have the following teams attending:


Formed in 2011, West Houston Paranormal Society (WHPS), is a group of dedicated individuals who bring their own insight and approach to the paranormal field. As a team they are interested in helping those in need, and at the same time gaining knowledge and understanding of this phenomenon.  They strive to provide explanations for reports of potential paranormal activity and to capture it on film.  They work to spread paranormal awareness and strive to maintain a professional and organized team.



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Just Paranormal was founded and created by JP Doyal in 2014. JP has been involved in the field for a little over 10 years starting when he was only 14 with Houston Team SPIRE. He added amazing individuals to the team to help further his research in the paranormal. His team consists of Karen Kostor (Historian/Researcher), Shaun Dargis (ITC Researcher), Roman Avila (A/V Tech) and Shannon Autrey (Location Scout).



Mad House: A Paranormal Documentary - Official Trailer (2019)


Texas Ghostly Gatherings has been an organized team since November 2011 and have members from all over the state.  We travel to various locations around the United States to study the paranormal and we employ a variety of strategies to document the paranormal.  We look forward to many more exciting locations in our future!

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Although new as a group, each member brings years of experience to the team. Katrina Cooper Medium and Friends' goal is to document the existence of the paranormal and to prove that those who have passed on do co-exist with us. They use a variety of all the standard equipment in their investigations as well as the team's leader and spiritual medium, Katrina Cooper. They have investigated many of the haunted locations around the state and the country and look forward to many more years of investigating.  




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Houston Paranormal Research Team (HPRT) has been researching the paranormal since 2008 and has investigated over 100 haunted locations within the city of Houston and surrounding areas. Meli Trejo is the team owner/director and she has been featured in the show Paranormal Witness where she shares her haunting experience as a child.

The team consists of several professionals with extensive knowledge in the paranormal not only by researching and investigating but also by personal experiences. The Houston Paranormal Research Team is a nonprofit organization who is dedicated and passionate in helping others find answers and gather evidence about the paranormal.




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My name is Todd Dreher. I'm originally from Ohio and been a Paranormal Investigator/researcher for 26 years and cryptozoology for 23 years. I'm also an intuitive empath and I've been doing cleansings for 14 years successfully.  I'm a former firefighter and P1 medic for 7 years. My first experience was in 1994 with what I saw in my apartment a few times. Since then the interested answers I have been seeking. 2013 I had cancer surgery died for 2 minutes on the table and have an out-of-body experience I came back. So I know what it's like on the other side.