Beyond Paranormal - A Houston Area Paranormal team that offers services to the clients who need us most.  We want to provide all the necessary aid we can provide to help anyone affected by negative/unseen forces as well as debunk anything non-paranormal.  We are 100% behind our clients and 100% behind our evidence.  

Green Compass Global - Quality CBD products, full Spectrum and Isolate oils, pet CBD oils, pain patches, bath bombs, creams and lip balms.  

Colorstreet - Color Street—inspired by New York’s “City That Never Sleeps” nonstop energy and wildly colorful fusion of cultures—offers a vast array of colors and nail art designs, direct to Independent Stylists and ultimately to clients.

Howling Mad Hot Sauce Co.  - Hand crafted Artisanal Hot Sauces from Locally grown and sourced produce.

Cackles and Bats- We like to bring an eclectic collection of oddities, art and artists, and some magical fun!!

Oils 4 You - Shari Stanley - Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature's most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.

Kustom Spices - Spices. We make all our own spices no additives preservatives or fillers. Soy free dairy free gluten free. 100% vegan

Paparazzi Accessories by Patricia Morris - Fun fashion jewelry for women, kids and men

Funky FascinationsUnique handmade accessories created to make the wearer's personality shine.  Express yourself like no one else.

Kai's Kookies - Cookies and brownies to include keto, vegan and gluten-free. We also offer flavored popcorn.

Old Town Spring Ghost Walk- Here at Old Town Spring Ghost Walk, we believe in offering the best experience and value for money. We pride ourselves in having the most experienced and professional guides. Your guide will be dressed in period costume to further enhance your experience as they take you on a walk down dark streets to visit the very places where the main characters of our stories still linger to this day. Prepare to be shocked as you discover the ghastly truth.

Spring Paranormal Investigtions, S.P.I. - We are a highly experienced team of 6, who has been voted a Top Pro for the city of Houston by Thumbtack.com for the last 3 years running.   We are a 5 star team who specialize in helping not only verify, but in clearing homes with Malevolent and/or Demonic style hauntings.   We often take the cases others are not equipped or  not wanting to take.  I myself am an Ordained Minister and we  work with a handful or Priests, Pastors, Clergymen and even a  full trance Medium to get the job done if needed.  We do what we do to help others, not to make money.  We are known for our experience, quality of service and going above and beyond the call to help.  We are also known for our scientific and evidence focused investigation process.    In addition we came to the event last year in Conroe  as visitors and we had a fabulous time.   We are pleased to be coming back with a booth this year!  

Shift Films - We are a film company based in St. Louis, dedicated to story telling, short films, documentary film making, and uncovering the unknown truths of well-known stories. Shirts, hats, free giveaways and stickers!

Southeast Texas Bigfoot -Researching the legendary Bigfoot in the woods and forests of Southeast Texas

Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations - LSSPI is one of Texas’ oldest paranormal teams, having been formed in 1997 and gained a web presence starting in 1998. Their work has been documented in many books, magazines, local and national TV shows and local, national and internet radio interviews since 1997. Lone Star Spirits are available for classes, investigations, speaking engagements, as well as, consultations for television projects. Lone Star Spirits uses high tech equipment like thermal imaging cameras, surveillance equipment, motion triggered cameras, triggered ir cameras, as well as many hand held apparatus (EMF, Trifield Naturals, Anemometers, Air Ion Counters and on Site weather stations) to detect the atmospheric changes during an event and the causes of experiences reported in homes and commercial properties…. with a mixture of this technical data along with Parapsychology principles, and some mediumistic work, Lone Star will get to the cause of your problem.

Goth Yoga Boutique - Established in 2017, Goth Yoga is an alternative yoga practice, apparel store & pop-up yoga lead by AFAA & NASM certified Group Fitness Instructor, Christi Workman. Featured in Culture Map, CityBook, Gothic Homemaking, and Mantra "Yoga & Health", Goth Yoga is a celebrated yoga practice that introduces dark themes, curiosities of the macabre, and unique ways of self expression. .

Phytognosis - Specialists in rare and unique plant resins, woods, oils, and leaves for use during ritual, meditation, spiritual workings and personal enjoyment. We also carry several ready to use products for the new practitioner.

Red Oak Hypnosis - Peter is a trained and certified clinical hypnotherapist that has, through the course of investigation and study, applied hypnosis to his client work dealing with poltergeist phenomena in residential cases. Through interview and observation Peter has been able to forensically locate traumatic events and stress triggers on a client, place a positive model in its place and has been successful at having hauntings cease. He believes that we create a lot of our phenomena through our experiences and family unit issues.Through Dr. Ed Martin and his mentor Loyd Auerbach is where Peter gets his understanding and practice of Parapsychology, how it relates to the human condition and paranormal events. Peter is Certified in Post Traumatic Stress;Addictions Recovery;Hypnosis with Children;Celluar Release;Past Life Regression,Smoking Cessation,Weight Loss, Stress Release,Grief, and alot more... Peter has been in practice since 2002

The Blue Dahlia Co - Jewelry, resin crafts, horror themed crafts

Obscure Houston- Obscure Houston is your home for strange jewelry creations for the curious soul.

Texas Icons - Custom Metal Art made from scrap metal. Steampunk masks and figurines

Scentsy-Tickle My Scents - Warmers, wax melts, car fragrance, cleaning products... Fragrance for your life.

Underwater Oven Custom cookies designed for any special event you could need!

Spiral Myst LLC -Original design, custom beaded jewelry pieces including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and hand painted hair accessories by the designer; Jill Ehrenfred. We also offer custom designed wood crafts by Jym Pearson Designs. Jym's pieces include furniture, end-grain and long-grain cutting boards, game boards, artistic centerpieces, wall art, segmented turned bowls, staffs, wands, boxes, and much more.

Author J.P. Barnett - J.P. Barnett grew up in a tiny Texas town where the list of possible vocations failed to include published author. Fast-forwarding through decades of schooling and a career as a software engineer, J.P. Barnett stepped away from it all to get back to his first real passion. Years of sitting at a keyboard gifted him with some benefit, though, including blazing fast typing hands and a full tank of creativity.

WHPS West Houston Paranormal Society - The West Houston Paranormal Society (WHPS) was founded by a husband and wife team in October 2011, with the purpose of bringing like-minded individuals from different backgrounds together. As the original group formed and developed, the common denominator was the strong interest in the paranormal and a desire to study and research the unexplained phenomena. WHPS continues to provide the team a place to share their experiences and join in this common goal; to find evidence of the existence of the unknown.

Abominable Grisly We’re a small start-up hell-bent on covering the globe in clothing that is sexy, violent, and cute while keeping it dark and malicious. Every journey begins with a first step and we have officially put our foot down. 
We are committed to creating T-shirts with quality content that will damn sure get everyone’s attention. 
When was the last time you saw a T-shirt that made you envious? It’s time to raise the bar

Jeremy Parker - PRL Creative - Original art, print books and more. Monsters, Mashups and musically inspired art.